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The world leading micro ROV, the AC-ROV is the most capable and portable underwater inspection system on the market. A complete system comes in one rugged waterproof hand carry case with an all up weight of just 18kg. It defines the “HAND CARRY” class in underwater inspection systems. CE Marked and certified for all “feet wet” applications, offshore, inshore or onshore, it is the safest and quickest tool for your underwater inspection. One person can easily deploy the system in less than 3 minutes.

AC-ROV 100

Underwater Inspection System

The CTD Plus is a rugged, high accuracy logging CTD. Since its original launch in 1992, more than 1000

Plus units have been built, making the CTD Plus a reliable field partner.

AC-ROV 3000

The AC ROV 3000 is the first deep ocean micro ROV.

To Maximize its capability it comes fully packaged with a tether management system (TMS) allowing it to operateas a3000m depth rated “fly-out” from many types and size of host submersible

AC-ROV Thicness Gauge / Laser Scaling

The market leading AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System is now available with two further capability options. A Thickness G1auge for measuring metal thickness in locations previously inaccessible to divers, other ROVs and underwater inspection systems, AND a Laser Scaling head for the relative measurement of surface defects, anomalies or anything within its view.

AC-ROV2 Function Manipulator

The Market Leading AC-ROV Under Water Inspection System is available with 2 function manipulator

Inline with the AC-ROV ethos of mobility, portability and robustness the solution is an integrated arrangement. The outcome retains the clean, robust and snag free shape of the AC-ROV, while maintaing the single operatoraspectof the system.

AC-ROV Positioning and Tracking

The market leading AC-ROV Under water Inspection System is now available with an Ultra Short BAse Line (USBL) Positioning and tracking System