About Us


INDOTEK TOTAL SOLUSI (formerly PT. INDOMARINE TEKNIKA SARANA) was established in Jakarta in 2003, with the Akte Pendirian (Deed) No. 03 dated October 3 2003, by Notary Nomadyawati, SH. Initially started with providing consulting on mapping surveys both on land and at sea, and the procurement of equipment mapping survey for various needs and applications.

In order to improve services to clients through the expansion of the product, since the middle of

2009, the Company changed its name to PT. INDOTEK TOTAL SOLUSI with greater focus on the business of procurement, especially with regard to land and sea mapping survey. Along with the Client confidence in giving service for this, PT. INDOTEK TOTAL SOLUSI also did not rule out the possibility to procure goods in addition to equipment for the purposes of mapping surveys. However, survey mapping services are still provided through the Company’s business groups that have been reliable since the beginning.

Some applications mapping survey using equipment that can be supplied includes:

  • Research ebb and flow of the sea and rivers;
  • Sedimentation studies for various purposes;
  • Research the ocean waves;
  • Geophysical studies for various purposes, such as design, construction and others;
  • Hydrographic survey for the safety of navigation, basic mapping, and other;

To support these activities by promoting the client satisfaction, PT. INDOTEK TOTAL SOLUSI cooperates with principals from within and outside the country as part of its company policy. Finally, through dedication, commitment and teamwork, PT. INDOTEK TOTAL SOLUSI is committed to providing the best service to its customers in order to become a trusted company.