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Echologger AA400 is a low cost, light weight connector-free sonar altimeter with a data logging facility.
It has been designed for long term monitoring in remote underwater environments where cabling is not possible.
Through a high speed wireless Bluetooth communication, measurement parameters and data retrieving can be done wirelessly within minutes.
Exceptionally low power consumption enabled the device to be used for months with 3 alkaline AA batteries.

echologger ea400


EA400 is unique in the market as an Autonomous Echosounder with many useful practical features.
It is optimized for sediment monitoring, wave/tide monitoring, zooplankton studies with long term logging capabilities.
The device can also transmit accurate underwater backscatter data in real time using Bluetooth communication.

echologger eu24



USB Connection Dual Frequency Echosounder
Echologger EU D24 is the only USB interfaced professional echosounder in the market supporting dual frequencies (200kHz/450kHz)
It is simple to used in a Plug&Play basis on laptop PCs or handheld devices with USB ports.
Backscatter data along full water columns can be measured.
It is powered through the USB port so that no external power source is required.
Despite its simplicity and compactness, Echologger EU D24 is a genuine professional echosounder for survey, sentiment monitoring and structure monitoring.

echologger rs900


Echologger RS900 outperforms its competitors with image quality and scanning speed.
Its non-contact rotational mechanism for low noise frictionless scanning makes it possible to run years without breakdown.
Smart sensor technology with motion compensation shows its precise orientation for more effective searching operations.


MRS900 is one of the smallest mechanical scanning sonar systems in the market with various choice of connector schemes.
Despite its ultra-compactness, the device still keeps high image quality.


Accessories for Echologger Products:

– Cable Winch

– Protection Gear & Installation Jig

– Underwater Tripod

– Power Supply Module

– Underwater Cable With Connectors