Biofouling Trials Established to Reduce Fish Farm Sensor Maintenance

KONGSBERG and AML Oceanographic have teamed-up to conduct live trials of a new solution to combat biofouling on essential underwater fish farm sensors. The trial is focused on a new solution for extending the period between the cleaning of subsea oxygen sensors, which are mandated by law but also critical to the health of the fish being farmed. [..]



Article (Hydro International): Apogee INS used by Port of Jersey

Nice article from Hydro International on the delivery of an R2Sonic Sonic 2024 with TruePix and UHR 700kHz capability and the Apogee-U by our UK distributor, Swathe Services.

“Swathe Services have worked with the Apogee system 3 times since its product launch and it has proven to be an outstanding sensor. He believes that Ports of Jersey has started a new trend in INS selection within the UK market.” [..]



Tritech International Ltd, [Tritech], a Moog Inc. Company, has secured a deal with Oceanscan for the purchase of multiple Gemini 720is and Narrow Beam Imaging (NBI) units from the company’s range of multibeam imaging sonars.

The Gemini 720is, an upgrade of the Gemini 720i, was launched in March 2016 and combines the benefits of high-definition imaging with long-range target detection making it ideal for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and ROV platforms, including installation on pan and tilt units. [..]



New Product : SAMM for FLS

Our Stand-Alone Mosaicking Module for Forward-Looking Sonar!

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