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Geomar is a surface boat commonly used for hydrographic survey controlled remotely by a remote control and autonomous. Geomar gives an easy way for operators to conduct a bathymetric surveys on lake, river, reservoir, etc. Geomar is equipped with depth sounder sensor, GNSS RTK system for Position & Heading, and data transmission so that Geomar can send real time data while conducting bathymetric survey. The operator can monitor the real data captured along the way points on a surface station. Operator able to monitor or quality control of the data remotely while conduct the survey through the monitor.


– Physical : 

    * Length 120 cm, Wide 90 cm, Height 92 cm

    * Weight on air 22 kg

    * Hull Material UV Resitant Fiberglass  Composite

    * Motor Dual Brushless 1HP DC Outdrive

Performance :

     * Typical Survey 2 m/s (4 kts) in 4 hours

     * Top Speed 10 m/s (5 kts) in 2 hours

     * Baterry Pack 4 Cell LiPo 25600 mAh

–  Remote :

      * Navigation Remote Control Unit Futaba T10CAG

      * Navigation Remote Control Unit Frequency and Range : 2.4 GHz FASST and 1000 m

      * Data Telemetry and Range : 900 MHz RF and >1000 m

      * Radio Telemetry UHF 450-470 kHz for RTK System

 – Sensor : 

      * Dual Frequency GNSS RTK Position & Heading

      * Depth Sounder / Altimeter system Echologger ECS 400

 – Software :

      * PC GM-Mon

      * Embedded GM-Nav

      * Hypack Max ( data acquisition & processing )

Here’s Our Video of Geomar launching :


Design alf-2012