Bulletin MIB257-2021 – Compass Portfolio Software Update

PT. Indotek Total Solusi

Posted on September 22th, 2021.

New Software release

As part of Sperry Marine commitment towards continuous improvement, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine has released new improved software, 2.0, for Sperry Marine compass product suite. This new software will improve the user experience and reduce operator workload regarding alert handling and compass management, contributing to overall  crew and vessel safety. It is fully compliant with the Bridge Alert Management (BAM) test standards IEC 62923-1/2 which have become mandatory for new installations of navigation systems placed on board (EU and UK flagged) SOLAS ships from 30 August 2021.This Marketing Information Bulletin summarises improvements and new features that have been implemented and are now available for customers.

A summary of the new features and benefits these bring to operators:

NAVITWIN V Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • New graphical user interface (GUI) design, fully IEC 62923-1/2 BAM compliant
  • Standard icon set aligned to the OpenBridge Design System approach with the aim of harmonized graphics for use in the maritime industry
  • Modified colour palette and use of bigger fonts with anti-aliasing for better readability under all conditions
  • Improved key assignment for uniform control of all menus
  • Reworked compass selection page with clear indication of type of compass and compass name and coloured heading values indicating sensor integrity.
  • Improved dimming menu with pre-defined Night, Dusk, Day and Bright palettes and in addition a wider dimming range and finer dimming in 20 steps

Alarm handling and presentation:

  • Complete overhaul of alert management for IEC 62923-1/2 BAM compliance:
  • New reduced set of alerts addressing the bridge crew
  • Lower priority of most alerts in accordance with regulations for less distraction from navigation tasks
  • New alert overview list, accessible from the NAVITWIN V main screen
  • Extended alarm handling features suitable for INS integration


  • Automated commissioning features implemented to reduce service effort, especially for redundant multi-sensor systems
  • Compass system can utilize different GNSS sources, the naming convention has been updated to reflect this
  • New list of service messages (Service Message Log) to support maintenance and fault finding
  • NAVITWIN V CDU configuration options to support multi CDU application on navigation bridge and crew rooms

These new improvements will also be provided to Sperry Marine installed fleet. This will be communicated in a separate MIB once available. For further information for authorized service personnel please refer to Service Bulletin 187.

New Type Approvals

Whilst releasing this software we have updated and reorganized Sperry Marine Compass Type Approvals. The new structure supports greater ease of handling and provides a clear overview of the portfolio and options which can be provided at a glance to customers.

The following MED Type Approvals are now available:

  • Gyro Compass for standard and HSC application (DNV Certificate Number MEDB000025J) which covers the following equipment: NAVIGAT 200, NAVIGAT 2500, NAVIGAT 3500 or NAVIGAT 3000 CompassNet systems (as optional NAVIGAT 100 or legacy compasses)
  • Rate of Turn Indicator (DNV Certificate Number MEDB000025M) which covers the following equipment: NAVIGAT 200, NAVIGAT 2500, NAVIGAT 3500 or NAVIGAT 3000 CompassNet systems
  • Stand-alone NAVIGAT 100 Gyro Compass for standard and HSC application and Rate of Turn Indicator (DNV Certificate Number MEDB00007M0)

These Type Approvals are available on Sperry Marine Extranet for download.